An easy way to have fun & get things done in 2024!

  • See your Goals, Dreams & Visions daily
  • Stay organised with your Master List 
  • Fun monthly themes & Fun & Life milestones
  • Whole Week at a glance - never miss a thing!
  • Hourly schedule, early morning or late night flexibility
  • Gives equal importance to evenings & weekends!
  • New moon & full moon to sync with nature's rhythms
  • Space to scribble, draw, plan & create
  • A5, cotton cover, gold embossing, 140 pages thick quality recycled paper plus gold ribbon

FunLife encourages you to live by your best Rhythm!

Dreams are important. FUN is essential. Finding your natural RHYTHM is the key to stepping into your genius zone. Evenings are important, as are your weekends. Every moment counts - so make the most of your Life with your NEW FunLife Planner 2024. The most comprehensive, compact & clear system you will ever need!

Order your Planner (within Australia only)

Outside Australia - $36 AUD plus $10 postage ORDERS CLOSE Jan 15th 2023, sorry overseas order have now closed
Blush $36 Aud
Coffee bean  $36 Aud
Fuschia  $36 Aud
Seashell  $36 Aud

XMAS SPECIAL Get all 4 Planners for a huge discount - one of each colour. Great Xmas Gifts!

  • One x each of: Blush, Fuschia, Coffeebean & Seashell.
  • A5, cotton cloth cover, gold embossing, 140 pages recycled paper plus gold ribbon
  • $120 (just $30 Aud each) plus $20 postage. Total $140. Posted the very next day!

FunLife Planner Free 30 Min Online Class

Imagine a planner that seamlessly weaves your Fun & Work Life together; with goals, dreams, activities & experiences all in one handy place! Your FunLife Planner will help you feel clear, organised & grounded... yet flexible! Find your own perfect rhythm & timing, revealed week by week. Enjoy more focused time awareness, so you can apply your energy to what really matters.

"How to Use" your new FunLife Planner!